Casio Pro Trek Watch Review

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Box of watchesWhen I first came into the Army, I was proud to own my Casio watch. However, now that I’m a civilian, I moved away from Casio into more “fashionable” watches, or no watches at all thanks to my iPhone. After wearing six different watches in three years, it was time I started to rethink my decision to move away from Casio watches.

Pro Trek

So, The price for this watch is $390. Unfortunately, Casio has many watches in its Pro Trek series. They use model numbers instead of individual names to identify the different types of watches in the series. The main face of the watch has analog hands, but it also has a small digital display that changes to show the different functions.

Click the image below to get a better look at the watch.

Casio PRO Trek watch

Pro Trek receives signals from radio broadcasts around the world, which is to say that it is multi-band atomic timekeeper. The watch syncs up with those signals up to six times per day. Like the typical Casio watch, the Pro Trek also has a small solar panels in the watch face, so you’ll never need to wind it or change batteries.

There are four function buttons around the outside edge to allow the user to get into the watch’s features. It is water-resistant down to 100 meters, but it also has some fascinating sensors.

Special Features

The Pro Trek has Triple Sensor Versions 3 technology, which includes a compass, altimeter-barometer and a thermometer. These are awesome features, however getting to them can prove to be a little cumbersome. The text is very small and remembering the right sequence of buttons to push takes some repetition. These features are ideal for the serious outdoors enthusiasts, to include hunting and fishing. The barometer is important for fishing, the thermometer and compass is important for hunting.

The compass is very useful, however it is a little odd to see the second hand swing into action pointing north as you move the watch around. The temperature display is cool, but it is best used when you are not wearing the watch to get an accurate reading. Casio says it can take up to 30 minutes for the reading to be accurate. For me, it only took a few minutes to show a more accurate reading after removing it from my wrist.

The altimeter has a range of 2,300 feet to 32,800 feet, and users can store up to 30 altitude measurements that are time and date stamped. The barometer has a range of 7.65 to 32.45 inches of mercury, and it can show you a tendency graph of whether pressure is rising or falling. The thermometer can display temperatures from 14 degrees to 140 degrees. Since these measurements are displayed on the LED screen, the watch hands will automatically move out of the way to let you see the readout. That is cool!

The Pro Trek watch has the customary stopwatch, countdown and calendar but the calendar is pre-programmed until the year 2099. The watch is accurate within 15 seconds if it can’t receive the radio signal. The solar-powered battery has a charge status indicator and a power saving function. When the battery is fully charged, it will run for six months without further exposure to light. The LED display can also show time in 29 different time zones and can display time in civilian or military format.

Dimensions and Functionability

The Pro Trek measures 51.6 mm by 51.5 mm by 13.6 mm and it weighs 2.75 ounces. It’s a big watch, built for the outdoors. It’s an easy watch to wear, but if you have an Apple Watch (like me), you will definitely notice the difference. The number of features and buttons around the watch will take a while to master. However, consulting the manual for a couple of weeks should be expected. That said, reading the manual is a must, if you want to utilize all the features of the watch.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:
Pro #1: Stylish.

Pro #2: Numerous features.
Pro #3: Sturdy and well-built.

The Bad:
Con #1: There is an expected learning curve to master the features.
Con #2: The watch is bulky and weighs more than smart watches.
Con #3: The manual text is tiny.
Con #4: Price may be too expensive for the average sportsman.

My Opinion

The Pro Trek PRW6600Y-2 is a good-looking watch which will last you many years. It has many features to keep an avid outdoor guy engaged to try to learn them all. Sure, you might be able to get all the features on your phone with numerous apps, but when you’re outdoors, and your battery is no longer charged, it’s nice to know that your watch may get you home.

The Casio Pro Trek is a quality watch, but it’s built for the more serious sportsman. If you normally don’t spend $400 on a watch, but you need a watch for the outdoors, I would recommend a lesser version of Casio’s Pro Trek. If you have the watch, I would be interested to hear your thoughts about Pro Trek, or Casio in general.

Veterans Remember 9/11


World Trade Center Towers

When I reflect back to the horrific events of September 11, I am overcome by the deep sense of patriotism it brings. Like most veterans, we know exactly where we were and what we were doing when we first heard the news that the United States was under attack. And like most veterans of this generation, this single event served as a call to action. Most of the active duty military members I talked to, who were in the service when the attacks happened, felt they were “sucker-punched.” My story was something similar.

My Personal 9/11

On September 11, 2001, my day started like any normal day. Unfortunately, this day would prove to be anything but normal. At 8:46 a.m., the first plane struck The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. At 9:00 a.m., I began a meeting at an architects office in Crystal City, Virginia, to go over the construction plans for our next project. Crystal City is about a mile south of the Pentagon. At 9:03 a.m. the second plane hit the other Tower of the World Trade Center. Even after the second plane hit, nobody in the meeting was aware of what was happening. At 9:37 a.m. the third plane hit the Pentagon. Shortly thereafter, the architects wife called and he excused himself from the meeting. When he returned he didn’t say a word. He just went right to the conference room window and opened the blinds. We all saw a thick plume of smoke billowing from the direction of the Pentagon. As we were wondering what was happening, the architect again said nothing but turned on the TV in the conference room. We watched the news, like so many millions of Americans, and were informed that the United States was under attack.

Needless to say, the architect ended the meeting because he needed to pick-up his kids so he could be home with his family. As for me, I went back to office to gather my things and to process what was happening. What normally was a five minute drive to get back to the office turned into an hour drive due to the traffic. Back at the office many employees had decided to stay put due the heavy traffic. So there we were, gathered together and watching the news to see who could have perpetrated this dispicable act. When I heard and saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center, my thoughts immediately turned to Osama Bin Linden.

My Duty

So there I was, a civilian, so upset that someone had the audacity to strike us in our homeland, that I was ready to enlist at the first sight of a recruiters office. As the recovery efforts in New York were underway and our President assured the American people that the people who committed this horrible crime would be brought to justice, cooler heads prevailed. I continued to work in construction for next nine years but the desire to enlist never went away. In the end, my sense of duty got the better of me. I enlisted into the Army just before I turned 40-years-old, and it has been the best decision of my life.

For me, September 11, 2001 will always be a constent reminder that the American military must always project power. Why? Because peace is best served by using power to affect the calculation of foreign nations. Political and military power is perhaps the best way to project this power. They are a necessary means for a strong national defense, for a credible deterrence, and for an effective foreign policy.

To all my fellow veterans out there and first responders… thank you.

Can Dogs Really Help Our Disabled Veterans?


Growing up, we always had a dog. In fact, in the United States over 48% of households have a pet dog. When an owner makes a connection with his/her dog, it is a wonderful thing. It goes beyond being just a companion. Dogs have an amazing ability to read people and respond Yellow Lab Dogappropriately. This ability is probably why humans favor dogs more than other animals. Whatever the relationship between dogs and humans, these animals can improve our lives in many ways. Below is a list of how dogs are beneficial to humans.

Provides a Healthier Life

People who own dogs are healthier than people who don’t have dogs. This is no brainer. It’s more likely that dog owner get out and take the pooch out for walk around the neighborhood. In fact, taking the dog out for a walk a few times each week may improve your general health and reduce the rate of obesity.

Provides Assistance Towards Mental Health

Many dogs help protect our veterans. Service dogs help veterans and other who suffer from PTSD or TBI, however many people may not be prepared to accommodate those with service dogs. These dogs are specially trained to perform tasks for the benefit of the veteran with a chronic disability. These service dogs can help remind a veteran to take his/her medicine or calm a veteran during an anxiety attack. Furthermore, studies have shown that veterans with dogs reported being less angry, less anxious, and receive better sleep. Studies have also shown that interacting with dogs increases dopamine and decreases cortisol, the stress hormone. In fact, 62% of dog owner said that helped them de-stress after a long day at work. Therefore, dog owners are happier and healthier than the population at large.

Reduces the Risk of Allergies

Dog owners have reported that owning a dog helped reduce their risk of allergies. This is contrary to current beliefs, where it is perceived that owning a dog makes one more susceptible to allergies. Studies suggest that being exposed to pets early in life decreases your risk of animal allergies later on.

In Conclusion

When I came back from my deployment, I didn’t get a dog. I thought I didn’t need one because I believed there wasn’t any benefit to having one. Boy, was I wrong. In our lifetime we might have several companions that enter our lives and becomes family. All of them will help improve your life, but there will probably only be one that is extra special.

Like dogs Wealthy Affiliate has the amazing capability to read people and respond appropriately. Not just for civilians but also for our Veterans. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and see what it has to offer. You have nothing to lose because the starter membership is free.

Tips For Veterans Transitioning To Civilian Life


Soldier backpack transitioning to civilian lifeIf you’re a veteran and you’re fortunate enough to live in a military town, you may be able to count on military personnel to help with your transition to civilian life. However, if you don’t live in a military town, veterans’ should come to the realization that no help will be coming from our society when transitioning from military life to civilian life. It’s hard to admit but it becomes harder if you go into the ETS process with the mindset that you expect society to help you – because they won’t. It’s amazing how ignorant most civilians are of life in the military.

This post is not intended to solve societies disconnect with the military. However, if you’re a veteran and you’re making the transition to civilian life, here are a few tips to help your transition go a little smoother.

Get Enrolled In The VA Healthcare System

This is the first thing you should do when you ETS out of the military. To enroll and get verified in the VA healthcare system all you need to do is go by your local VA center. If you live in an area where the VA is several hours away, you may want to call first before you show up. If you live in an area with a VA center, all you need to do is show up. The receptionist, or information desk, will point you to the right direction. After you finished enrolling and you get verified they will make an appointment for you to get a physical, blood work done and drug testing done.

Use Your GI Bill

This is perhaps the most utilized benefit given to veterans’. Depending on how your contract was set-up by your recruiter, you could use the Montgomery GI Bill (Ch. 30) or the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Ch. 33). I would strongly advise that you attend a school that has a veterans’ office. Not a veteran/administration office, but strictly a veterans’ office with people who know the VA process backwards and forwards: every form, every document, and every phone number necessary if something goes wrong. If you’re interested in learning a trade, schools for that are also covered by the GI Bill. Whichever school you decide to enroll to, make sure they are accredited and approved. Division one schools will always be accredited. However, the for profit schools should be verified.

Consider Being An Entrepreneur

Prior to your ETS date, veterans’ should consider becoming an entrepreneur. In post-military life, veterans’ may find themselves wanting to work but just not for anyone other than themselves. Veteran-owned small businesses get preference when competing for government contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. And we aren’t talking small contracts, either. The VA spends $3 billion annually with small businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate is perfectly suited for veterans’. If your job prospects are slim, or if your academically challenged, you should seriously consider online affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive marketing platform that will allow you to create, grow and manage your business in any level online. The service includes training, live classes, personal and expert support, website & hosting, and ability to network with close to 1,000 members. It is the largest affiliate marketing community in the world and absolutely the most caring. But don’t take my word for it, read my full, comprehensive, and insightful review on my Review page of my website. This platform is ideal for veterans’ because you can be a beginner in affiliate marketing or an expert in affiliate marketing and you will find success.

Ready Your Paperwork

There are three things you should do with your DD214 copy 4; Copy, Secure and Scan your DD214. When you went to your ETS briefing, I’m sure someone told you to make copies of your DD214. That is good advise but now you are also able to get your DD214 at eBenefits. So have no fear, if you’re one of those people who don’t like paperwork, eBenefits will be your best friend. Next, secure your DD214 copy 4. When you are given your DD214 make sure you add it to wherever you keep important papers. If you have a bank safe deposit box you should include the DD214 copy 4 to it because it will be safe in case of fire, flood, hurricane, etc. So why should you scan your DD214? One important reason is when you apply for jobs online, most employers will request your DD214. So having it on your computer, ready to submit for your job applications, will be a valuable time saver.

Second, local, state and federal government gives preference to job-seeking veterans over other applicants. Only veterans discharged or released from active duty under honorable conditions are eligible for veterans’ preference. Veterans’ preference does not guarantee veterans a job and it does not apply to internal agency actions such as promotions, transfers, reassignments and reinstatements. Also, if you are a retired from the military you are not included in the definition of preference eligible unless you are a disabled veteran OR you retired below the rank of major or its equivalent. So, when you apply for government jobs, make sure you check that you are a job-seeking veteran and submit your DD214, it will be required as part of your application package.

Stay Connected

If you are an introvert like me and you are not comfortable pounding the pavement and shaking hands all day, you can be as good at networking as the next veteran. Luckily for us we live in age of technology where networking in person is no longer the only way to network. Thanks to social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and the many other social networks out there, it is very easy to find people who are currently working in the field that you want to pursue. However, if you would rather be close to other veterans, I would strongly recommend organizations like the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign War. Whatever networking style works for you the import thing to remember is to take the professional approach to networking where you target who you are connecting with rather than randomly hoping you connect with someone.

The intent of this post was not to make an all-inclusive list. These are just suggestions that helped me and I thought it might help other fellow veterans. Do you have other tips for veterans making the transition to civilian life? If so, please feel free to share below.

Disabled Veterans Could Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate


Folks, the numbers don’t lie. According to a report from the ADA National Network, themployment rate of veterans with disabilities is significantly lower than that of veterans without disabilities. Only about a third of veterans who report both an ACS and SC disability (32%) and only 37% of those reporting only an ACS disability are employed, compared with over three- quarters of veterans without disabilities (77%).

Employment Rate Graph for Civilian Veterans w/Disabilities

An Amerircan Community Survey (ACS) disability is a difficulty with one or more of the following: hearing, vision, cognitive, ambulatory, self-care and independent living. However, an ACS disability may or may not be acquired during military service. A Service Connected (SC) Disability is a disease or injury determined to have occurred during military service. The Veterans’ Administration assigns a disability rating as a percentage from 0% -100% disabled.

What About PTSD and TBI?

The Report further stated that Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and/or depression are called the “signature” disabilities because these impairments are so common among returning veterans. Because of the questions asked on the survey, some veterans with the signature disabilities might not have indicated they had disabilities. Also, many veterans with these impairments might not have been diagnosed. They may have acquired their disabilities at a time when the symptoms displayed were not thought to be related to a disability or they may not yet recognize that they have a disability. It is estimated that the number of Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iriaqi Freedom veterans with one or more of the signature disabilities is about 30%.

Why WA Is Perfect For Disabled Veterans

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive marketing platform that will allow you to create, grow and manage your business in any level online. The service includes training, live classes, personal and expert support, website & hosting, and ability to network with close to 1,000 members. It is the largest affiliate marketing community in the world and absolutely the most caring. But don’t take my word for it, read my full, comprehensive, and insightful review on The Review page of my website. This platform is ideal for disabled veterans because you can be a beginner in affiliate marketing or an expert in affiliate marketing and you will find success.

Learning the proper techniques and strategies that “work” today and will work tomorrow is obviously a very critical element to your success within the affiliate marketing space. At Wealthy Affiliate you are going to get access to the most current training in the industry. The training is updated daily in many cases, with new resources being rolled out to the community each and every day. Plus, there are numerous formats for training depending on your learning style.

So, if you’re an unemployed, disabled veteran, and you have a desire to work, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you. Have the courage to take the next step, you have nothing to lose because the starter membership is absolutely FREE.

To see the full report mentioned in this post, click here.

Veterans Online Shopping Benefit


American FlagIf you’re not currently serving in the military, or you didn’t retire from the military, or, if you’re not fortunate enough to live near a military post, have no fear. You still may qualify to shop at the Exchange. You see, one of the best unknown benefits for veterans is the ability to shop at the Exchange, online. However, according MilitaryBenefits, that too is about to change. This Veterans Day AAFES and all online military exchanges will be open to veterans. This is a win, win for veterans.


The benefits for shopping at the Exchange online is free statewide shipping on orders of $49 or more, tax-free shopping, and the option to sign-up for a Military Star credit card. But how does a veteran qualify for this benefit? I’m glad you asked. All you have to do is go to my Veteran Resources page on this website, click Military Exchange from the drop down menu, and find the link at the top right-hand corner that says “Veterans Online Shopping Benefit.”


To qualify for this benefit a veteran must be honorably discharged. If you’ve been honorably discharged, AAFES will ask to verify your eligibility through You will be asked four things; your full name; the last four of your social security number, your date of birth, and a contact email address. If your successful, you will be taken to a “Thank You” page, which tells you when you can start using this benefit. Click below to see a quick video on how to qualify for the benefit.


In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that my experience with shopping for clothes was not the best. Like most veterans I know, since leaving the military we gained a few pounds. So, some sizes I requested were not readily available. Other than that, this is definitely a benefit all veterans should sign-up for, ASAP.

If you had a good, or bad, experience shopping on the Exchange online, please let us know below.

The Aid and Attendance Program: An Unrealized Benefit Available for Veterans


Self imageAs veterans age, it’s important they know ALL the benefits they have earned. That is why when I heard about the Aid and Attendance Program offered to veterans by the Veterans Administration, I was shocked. I was shocked because I didn’t know such a program was offered. Although I don’t intend to use this program in the near future, it would have been nice to know it existed.

Although many veterans’ think of themselves as immortals it is a statistical fact that many veterans’ will eventually require long-term care. It’s true, Medicaid will help defer the cost of nursing home stays, however, it normally will not pay for assisted living and home care. Most veterans’ see themselves as independent and are reluctant to ask for assisted living or home care. While others would rather use assisted living or home care than be placed in a nursing home. Enter the Aid and Attendance program offered by the Veterans Administration. This benefit for veterans’ can be used to cover the costs of assisted living and home care.

The Aid and Attendance Program

If you’re a veteran, or the spouse of a veteran, this program provides assistance with basic daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating. The benefit can be paid to various types of people, i.e., a family member, someone outside the home, the veteran’s spouse, or an assisted living facility. However, it’s important to note that if the benefit is paid to a spouse, the funds are considered income when determining eligibility. In 2019, qualifying veterans could be eligible for up to $2,230 per month to help cover the costs of assisted living and home care.

Qualifications for the Aid and Attendance Program

If you served in the military, Coast Guard and the U.S. Merchant Marines, you are considered a veteran under this program. To be eligible you must have ninety (90) days of active military service with at least one day of service during a war time period. You must suffer from a permanent and total disability or be sixty-five (65) or older. Eligibility will also be based on you’re income and net worth.

Financial Qualification

In order for the veteran to qualify financially for the program the VA considers you’re countable income, not you’re total income. So what is a countable income? The countable income is you’re total income less you’re unreimbursed recurring health care expenses. Examples of you’re recurring monthly health care costs is assisted living costs; nursing home costs; home care services; health insurance premiums; medicare premiums; and regular prescription drugs. Multiply you’re monthly recurring health care costs by twelve (12) and subtract that figure from you’re total income. The delta is you’re countable income.

Most veterans know about the basic health care and education benefits available to them through the VA. However, if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t know anything about this program. As a veteran, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get ALL the benefits you have earned and rightly deserve. As I finish writing this I wonder, what other benefits are out there that I didn’t know was available for veterans?

Visit my review of Wealthy Affiliate and find out how this online marketing platform can benefit veterans like you.

Why Wealthy Affiliate is a Viable Option for Our Veterans


Veterans Leaving the Military spreadsheetIn 2017, Anna Zogas from the University of Washington, submitted a paper to Brown University on Veterans’ difficult transition back to civilian life. The Defense Department estimates 245,000 veterans’ will leave the military in 2019. As the report shows, the need for viable options to transition our veterans’ back to civilian life is great.

The author points out, “Many enlisted service members do not have college degrees when they joined the military.” In 2008 the Department of Defense reported that 52% of the enlisted services members were 25-years-old or younger, and only 4.5% had a bachelor’s degree. The author further pointed out that between 2014 and 2016, 65% to 80% of veterans’ left the military without a job because they expected to find something shortly after they left. The fact of the matter is our veterans’ will need new jobs, or new training, which will transition them back into civilian life. When the soldiers ETS from the military they are usually given six months to get all their medical reports and paperwork together prior to exiting the military. This would be a great opportunity to introduce our veterans’ to Wealthy Affiliate.

The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration should be commended for the work they have done thus far. However, as the author states, “The VA’s educational and vocational rehabilitation programs cannot possibly resolve the nexus of physical, psychological, and social problems that make work and school challenging, nor can they resolve the incompatibility of military and civilian work experience… into which [veterans’] have returned.” If so, I believe Wealthy Affiliate can play a vital roll transitioning our veterans’ into a more meaningful civilian life. Click here and start your own online business now. You have nothing to lose because the starter membership is FREE.

For a full copy of the report click the link below:

==>Report: US Military Veterans’ Difficult Transitions Back to Civilian Life and the VA’s Response


Wealthy Affiliate: Scam or An Online Business Model You Can Trust

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Self imageAs a fellow Veteran, I will give you my honest, insightful and hopefully a thorough Review of Wealthy Affiliate and what the platform can do for you and your business. However, before I get into my review, I want to give you a macro view of what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can help you and your business online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive marketing platform that will allow you to create, grow and manage your business of any level online. The service includes training, live classes, personal and expert support, website & hosting, and ability to network with close to 1,000 members. It is the largest affiliate marketing community in the world and absolutely the most caring. But don’t take my word for it, read my full, comprehensive, and insightful review below.

Wealthy Affilliate – The Overview & Ranking

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website URL:
Training: 4.8 out of 5.0
Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0
Wordpress Hosting:4.8 out of 5.0
Research Tools:4.6 out of 5.0
Success Stories:4.5 out of 5.0
Price: Starter Member (free), Premium Membership ($49/mo. Or $359/year)

Learning the proper techniques and strategies that “work” today and will work tomorrow is obviously a very critical element to your success within the affiliate marketing space. At Wealthy Affiliate you are going to get access to the most current training in the industry. The training is updated daily in many cases, with new resources being rolled out to the community each and every day.

There is a defined process to building a successful business online and ANYONE can follow this process and create a business, whether your MOS was/is 11B or 35F, whether your 20-years-old or 80-years-old, and regardless of your location in the world. Success has no bias. Click the image below to watch a video on how easy it is to create a website. You are going to be amazed.

Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

There is a precise 4 Step Process to Building a Business Online.

Step 1: Choose an interest
Step 2: Build a Website
Step 3: Attract Visitors
Step 4: Generate Revenue

The most obvious starting point is choosing something that you are passionate about as your INTEREST. As an example, I love playing football and everything about it, so I could easily build a business within the football niche. Some examples of potential directions for my business could be:

    • Football Shoes
    • Fantasy Football Strategy
    • How to Jump Higher
    • Football Skills and Drills
    • Football Coaching

These are just 5 directions I could list just off the top of my head. There are literally 100,000’s of directions you could head with your business and Wealthy Affiliate provides you with absolutely everything you nee to build out that business (or multiple businesses).

Pretty cool right?

There are various formats for training, depending on your learning style:

    • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons)
    • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)
    • Live, Interactive Video Classes (Weekly)
    • Video & Text Based Tutorials (1,000+)
    • Course, Lesson & Task Based Training

The training caters to all levels of marketers with a particular focus on taking any level of marketers from scratch to a successful, long term business in any niche. If you don’t have a niche, no problem, Wealthy Affiliate has the perfect solution for the beginners.

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Wealthy Affiliate Support, A Community of “Caring” Experts

The biggest problem I have seen with aspiring affiliate marketers over the years is the help, or lack thereof. That has been a constant and evolving focus at Wealthy Affiliate and I spend most of my time, while not at work, helping felllow members within the Wealthy Affiliate community but especially fellow Veterans like you.

There is literally NO REASON to ever feel stuck for help within Wealthy Affiliate. There are many mechanisms you can use to get instant and elaborate help within the community.

    • Live Chat (help within seconds)
    • Comments (help within minutes)
    • Blog Post / Ask a Question (help within minutes)
    • Private Messaging/Mentoring (help within hours)
    • Website & Hosting Support (help within minutes)
    • Direct Access to ME at, or at

The last one isn’t always instant because I only have two hands and one brian, but I do get back to every questions that is asked of me personally.

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Being Great in ANY Niche Requires the Proper Tools

    • Keyword research platform by Jaaxy (search keyword below)
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    • Research training, fundamental to any business
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The Final Word + Special BONUS!

This post was a bit longer than intended, but there is a lot going on within Wealthy Affiliate as it is absolutely the most comprehensive platform in the industry for building a business (not to mention the most cost efficient).

For FREE, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate and see what it is all about. This is what I STRONGLY recommend  that you do before you commit to spending a dime. I prefer people do their due diligence before spending their hard earned money. If you decide to go Premium at some point, it will be less than a dollar per day to be part of the most progressive, forward thinking and innovative online business platform in the world. Pretty good value, if I do say so myself.

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When you sign-up for your FREE starter account, I’m going to offer you a bonus if you become a Premium member in the first seven days. You will receive a 59% discount on your first months membership (only $19), plus get personal assistance from the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle (and get free access to me).  But that’s not all – you will also get the “Diamond Traffic Bonus,” which will give you all the information you will ever need to get traffic to your website. Now, you might be asking yourself, how could Wealthy Affiliate offer such a bonus? Simple. The platform works, and I can personally testify to its success.  You see, within sixteen (16) days of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to build a website and get indexed by Google.

So, in short, Wealthy Affiliate is no scam. It works, and the support you get from your personal coach to the community is outstanding. Wealthy Affiliate has a proven business model for your online business and is one you can trust.

My fellow veterans, if you have any, and I mean ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate or what is included within the platform, please drop your questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

About Ron


For BioBeing a Veteran of the United States Army has been a tremendous honor. I had the pleasure serving overseas, in Iraq, during Operation Enduring Freedom. My name is Ron and you can say my time in the Army was one of those milestones in life that I won’t soon forget. Like everything in life, there were good parts about the Army and there were bad parts. In my experience, the good definitely outweighed the bad.

After the Army I was confused as to what to do with the rest of my life. There were only two real options to consider, go back to school, by using the Post 911 GI Bill, or get a job. I chose to get a job. However, the jobs offered in town were not high paying, nor career oriented. That left me with my last option, going back to school.

So, while at school I was thinking how fortunate I was to be able to go back to school and get another degree. Then I began to see how unfortunate it was for other veterans to not have that option because they either never did well in school, or were saving their GI Bill for their kids. There had to be another option, other than a less than satisfying job. The question I kept asking myself was, how could I help veterans’ transition into a better and more meaningful civilian life?


Growing up I knew I wanted to go to college, but I always knew paying for college was going to be a challenge. As a first generation Hispanic-American, my dad worked two jobs and my mom worked at night. Combined they made an annual income of about fifty thousand dollars. When I was accepted to my first choice university, I applied for financial aid but I was declined because my parents made “too much money.” As traumatic as that announcement was, I still believed I had a chance at college.

Late in my senior year in high school, when Lt. Col. Oliver North was testifying before Congress, I also had the desire to join the military. However, after several conversations with a military recruiter, it was confirmed that due to my Temporary Residency (immigration status) joining the military was also out of the question. Therefore, after high school my principal goals were to find a job, become a U.S. Citizen, and become financially independent so I could continue my education, even if it was on a part-time basis.

After high school I took various jobs over a period of three years; construction, sales, bank teller, and finally a data processing clerk. Out of all these jobs, construction was the most rewarding, from building single family homes, to building multistory skyscrapers and various other large scale projects. By building something with your hands, and seeing the end product I could understand and appreciate the meaning of sweat equity.

Although I had a very successful career in construction, it took me twenty-one years after high school to enlisted in the United States Army. If I didn’t do it before turning 40-years-old, I could never do it and I had to live with that decision. So, rather than live with regret, I enlisted, and it was the best decision of my life.


Selfless Service is one of those Army values that is taught to each soldier when they first enlist. By serving our country veterans demonstrate to this great nation that it was OUR duty to serve. I believe in this duty of service because I lived it; because EVERY soldier and sailor lived it when they took the oath. Now, I believe it’s still my duty to help my fellow brothers and sisters find a better way of life than just a meaningless job that pays the bills.


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