Casio Pro Trek Watch Review

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Box of watchesWhen I first came into the Army, I was proud to own my Casio watch. However, now that I’m a civilian, I moved away from Casio into more “fashionable” watches, or no watches at all thanks to my iPhone. After wearing six different watches in three years, it was time I started to rethink my decision to move away from Casio watches.

Pro Trek

So, The price for this watch is $390. Unfortunately, Casio has many watches in its Pro Trek series. They use model numbers instead of individual names to identify the different types of watches in the series. The main face of the watch has analog hands, but it also has a small digital display that changes to show the different functions.

Click the image below to get a better look at the watch.

Casio PRO Trek watch

Pro Trek receives signals from radio broadcasts around the world, which is to say that it is multi-band atomic timekeeper. The watch syncs up with those signals up to six times per day. Like the typical Casio watch, the Pro Trek also has a small solar panels in the watch face, so you’ll never need to wind it or change batteries.

There are four function buttons around the outside edge to allow the user to get into the watch’s features. It is water-resistant down to 100 meters, but it also has some fascinating sensors.

Special Features

The Pro Trek has Triple Sensor Versions 3 technology, which includes a compass, altimeter-barometer and a thermometer. These are awesome features, however getting to them can prove to be a little cumbersome. The text is very small and remembering the right sequence of buttons to push takes some repetition. These features are ideal for the serious outdoors enthusiasts, to include hunting and fishing. The barometer is important for fishing, the thermometer and compass is important for hunting.

The compass is very useful, however it is a little odd to see the second hand swing into action pointing north as you move the watch around. The temperature display is cool, but it is best used when you are not wearing the watch to get an accurate reading. Casio says it can take up to 30 minutes for the reading to be accurate. For me, it only took a few minutes to show a more accurate reading after removing it from my wrist.

The altimeter has a range of 2,300 feet to 32,800 feet, and users can store up to 30 altitude measurements that are time and date stamped. The barometer has a range of 7.65 to 32.45 inches of mercury, and it can show you a tendency graph of whether pressure is rising or falling. The thermometer can display temperatures from 14 degrees to 140 degrees. Since these measurements are displayed on the LED screen, the watch hands will automatically move out of the way to let you see the readout. That is cool!

The Pro Trek watch has the customary stopwatch, countdown and calendar but the calendar is pre-programmed until the year 2099. The watch is accurate within 15 seconds if it can’t receive the radio signal. The solar-powered battery has a charge status indicator and a power saving function. When the battery is fully charged, it will run for six months without further exposure to light. The LED display can also show time in 29 different time zones and can display time in civilian or military format.

Dimensions and Functionability

The Pro Trek measures 51.6 mm by 51.5 mm by 13.6 mm and it weighs 2.75 ounces. It’s a big watch, built for the outdoors. It’s an easy watch to wear, but if you have an Apple Watch (like me), you will definitely notice the difference. The number of features and buttons around the watch will take a while to master. However, consulting the manual for a couple of weeks should be expected. That said, reading the manual is a must, if you want to utilize all the features of the watch.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:
Pro #1: Stylish.

Pro #2: Numerous features.
Pro #3: Sturdy and well-built.

The Bad:
Con #1: There is an expected learning curve to master the features.
Con #2: The watch is bulky and weighs more than smart watches.
Con #3: The manual text is tiny.
Con #4: Price may be too expensive for the average sportsman.

My Opinion

The Pro Trek PRW6600Y-2 is a good-looking watch which will last you many years. It has many features to keep an avid outdoor guy engaged to try to learn them all. Sure, you might be able to get all the features on your phone with numerous apps, but when you’re outdoors, and your battery is no longer charged, it’s nice to know that your watch may get you home.

The Casio Pro Trek is a quality watch, but it’s built for the more serious sportsman. If you normally don’t spend $400 on a watch, but you need a watch for the outdoors, I would recommend a lesser version of Casio’s Pro Trek. If you have the watch, I would be interested to hear your thoughts about Pro Trek, or Casio in general.

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